Web Developer’s Date/Time Cheatsheet

2 06 2009

If you work in more than one database or  programming language, it is almost impossible to keep all of the different date/time formats straight. As a developer, I found myself going back to the manuals for date/time formats more than anything else.

Here’s a web developer’s date/time cheatsheet. It covers the Oracle, Postgres, MySQL and MS SQL databases; and Java, PHP, Python, Ruby and Flex/ActionScript3 programming languages.



Parsing dates and times in Flex / AS3

28 05 2009

I’m in the process of writing my fourth employee time tracking and scheduling system.  And while the business logic of this app is more complicated than ever before, coding the client side has never been so easy. Because this time I am coding the client in Flex.

I am an absolute convert to Adobe Flex. I never again want to code a user interface only to find out that this Javascript or that CSS is totally broken on a particular browser/platform (typically IE).  I’m convinced that if you are going to write a GUI application, there is no better tool anywhere than Adobe Flex/Air.

And yet even on Flex, working with date/time is problematic. Flex gives us a nice DateField control, has a nice DateFormatter class and does a reasonable job parsing dates. But if you want to work with time instead of dates, you are on your own. Well you used to be.  Here’s how to make it easy. Read the rest of this entry »